Noémie Schaller

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Farmers must yearly allocate fields to different crops and choose crop management options. Far from being obvious, these decisions are critical because they modify farm productivity and profitability in the short and long run. To support farmers and efficiently allocate scarce resources, decision support models are developed. Decision support models are(More)
Landscape spatial organization (LSO) strongly impacts many environmental issues. Modelling agricultural landscapes and describing meaningful landscape patterns are thus regarded as key-issues for designing sustainable landscapes. Agricultural landscapes are mostly designed by farmers. Their decisions dealing with crop choices and crop allocation to land can(More)
The optical destruction thresholds of conventionally etched and tube-etched near-field optical probes were measured. One of the main advantages of tube-etched tips is their smooth glass surface after taper formation. Presumably for this reason, a destruction limit of over 120 microJ was obtained, almost twice as large as that of the rougher, conventionally(More)
It has recently been argued that single-model seasonal forecast ensembles are overdispersive, implying that the real world is more predictable than indicated by estimates of so-called perfect model predictability, particularly over the North Atlantic. However, such estimates are based on relatively short forecast data sets comprising just 20 years of(More)
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