Noémi Schmutz

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We report on a case of osteomyelitis of a distal phalanx of the right ring finger of a 62-year-old patient, which occurred 11 months after transosseous-transungual refixation of a closed flexor digitorum profundus tendon avulsion caused by Raoultella ornithinolytica. R. ornithinolytica is an encapsulated Gram-negative aerobic bacillus. In the literature(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess dietary intake, eating patterns, physical activity and eating behaviors, and to explore strategies and perceptions of the experience of weight maintenance in weight loss maintainers (weight loss maintenance (WLM) ≥ 10% weight loss maintained for ≥1 year) and in matched controls with a lifetime stable normal weight. METHODS Volunteers(More)
Eating behaviors are key when considering overweight or obesity management. Many issues varying in severity can interfere with the treatment. This article provides a semi-structured interview to address the determinants of food intake--hunger food craving--problematic eating behaviors--snacking, emotional eating--and eating disorders particularly related to(More)
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