Noémi Müller

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Recent studies of germination in natural habitats, of genetic variation within populations and of the relative proportion of vegetative and sexual reproduction in the clonal plant speciesAnemone nemorosa suggest that sexual recruitment by seeds from outcrossed flowers is important for the maintenance of this species' populations. Because published reports(More)
Three bacterial strains were isolated, which used the synthetic chelating agent iminodisuccinate (IDS) as sole carbon source for growth in mineral salts media (MSM). Taxonomic analysis and 16S rDNA sequence analysis identified one of these isolates (B3), which was isolated from sewage sludge, as a strain of Achromobacter xylosoxidans subsp. xylosoxidans. It(More)
A novel approach for heterojunction silicon wafer solar cell fabrication is being investigated: This approach features nanocomposite plasma deposited amorphous silicon suboxides (a-SiO<inf>x</inf>:H) for high-quality surface passivation combined with overlaying plasma deposited doped microcrystalline silicon (&#x00B5;c-Si:H(p+)/&#x00B5;c-Si:H(n+)) for use(More)
This paper deals with the interpretation of FTDPAD amplitude data. For this purpose a short description of the TDPAD method will be given. Hereafter experimental results are reviewed and a simple kinematic model is suggested to explain the observed data. The features of the model will be discussed and possible improvements are mentioned in the last sections(More)
S. Udrea1, S. El Moussati1, A.D. Fertman4, V.E. Fortov3, A.A. Golubev4, D.H.H. Hoffmann1, A. Hug1,2, M.I. Kulish3, J. Ling1, J. Menzel1, V.B. Mintsev3, N. Müller1, D.N. Nikolaev3, A. Pyalling3, B.Yu. Sharkov4, N.S. Shilkin3, V.Ya. Ternovoi3, V.I. Turtikov4, A. Ulrich5, D. Varentsov2, J. Wieser6, and M. Zhukova7 1TUD, Darmstadt, Germany; 2GSI, Darmstadt,(More)
The quasibinary system KBi(2-x)Pbx has been investigated, both experimentally and theoretically. Phases with compositions 0 < or = x < or = 1.2 were synthesized and structurally characterized by X-ray diffraction experiments. For low values of x (0 < or = x < 0.6), KBi(2-x)Pbx adopts the cubic Laves-phase structure MgCu2 (space group Fdm), which contains a(More)
A. Hug1,2, S. El Moussati2, A.D. Fertman4, V.E. Fortov3, A.A. Golubev4, D.H.H. Hoffmann2, M.I. Kulish3, J. Ling2, J. Menzel2, V.B. Mintsev3, N. Müller2, D.N. Nikolaev3, A. Pyalling3, B.Yu. Sharkov4, N.S. Shilkin3, V.Ya. Ternovoi3, V.I. Turtikov4, S. Udrea2, A. Ulrich5, D. Varentsov1, J. Wieser6, and M. Zhukova7 1GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; 2TUD, Darmstadt,(More)
D. Varentsov, S. El Moussati, A.D. Fertman, V.E. Fortov, A.A. Golubev, D.H.H. Hoffmann, A. Hug, M.I. Kulish, J. Ling, J. Menzel, V.B. Mintsev, N. Müller, D.N. Nikolaev, A. Pyalling, B.Yu. Sharkov, N.S. Shilkin, V.Ya. Ternovoi, V.I. Turtikov, S. Udrea, A. Ulrich, J. Wieser, and M. Zhukova GSI, Darmstadt, Germany; TUD, Darmstadt, Germany; IPCP, Chernogolovka,(More)
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