Noé Lopez-Benitez

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The multi-block overset grid method is a powerful technique for high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations about complex aerospace configurations. The solution process uses a grid system that discretizes the problem domain by using separately generated but overlapping structured grids that periodically update and exchange boundary(More)
In this paper models based on stochastic Petri nets are developed to estimate the Reliability/Availability of Distributed Systems. The modeling approach discussed combines stochastic Petri net modeling and previous reliability algorithms such that, not only failures of nodes and links can be modeled, but also the efSect of global repairs can be considered(More)
ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. John Antonio, my committee chairperson. He has been of invaluable assistance, and I doubt this research would have been so successful without the benefit of his knowledge and experience. I also wish to thank the other members of my thesis committee, Dr.Benitez, for their suggestions and(More)
Traditional TCP protocols treat all packet loss as a sign of congestion. Their inability to recognize non-congestion related packet loss has significant effects on the communication efficiency in the wireless networks. Recently proposed protocols such as Freeze-TCP, TCP-Probing, TCP Westwood/Westwood+, TCP Veno, TCP-Jersey, and JTCP, all improve over the(More)
Linkage analysis uses information from family pedigrees to map genes and locate disease genes on particular chromosomes. A recombination fraction denoted as theta is estimated as a measure of crossing over between two loci. Genetic linkage calculations are very time-consuming particularly for large family pedigrees, a large number of theta values, and an(More)
Conclusions Performability models of multiprocessor systems and their evaluation are presented. Two cases in which hierarchical modeling is applied are examined. 1. Models are developed to analyze the behavior of processor arrays of various sizes in the presence of permanent, transient, intermittent, and near-coincident faults. Models can be generated for(More)
Genetic linkage calculations can be time consuming, even on a fast computer. The ability to collect large family pedigrees has increased the magnitude of linkage computations. Sequential genetic algorithms have many successful applications in very different domains, but they have a main drawback in their utilization. Evaluations are very time-consuming,(More)