Nkgatho Sylvester Tlale

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—Omni-directional mobile platforms have the ability to move instantaneously in any direction from any configuration. As such, it is important to have a mathematical model of the platform, especially if the platform is to be used as an autonomous vehicle. Autonomous behaviour requires that the mobile robot choose the optimum vehicle motion in different(More)
Purpose – In this paper, two omni-directional mobile vehicles are designed and controlled implementing distributed mechatronics controllers. Omni-directionality is the ability of mobile vehicle to move instantaneously in any direction. It is achieved by implementing Mecanum wheels in one vehicle and conventional wheels in another vehicle. The control(More)
This paper describes a geometrical method for solving the inverse kinematic (IK) problem of a 5 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) redundant manipulator. A geometric inverse kinematics solution is desirable as it provides complete and simple solutions to the problem and determines efficiently the relationship between the joints and the end-effector without iterative(More)
Manufacturing companies are facing three challenges: low cost production of product, high quality standard and rapid responsiveness to customer requirements. These three goals are equally important for the manufacturing companies who want to be competitive in the global economy. Reconfigurable machining system facilitate the demand for Mass Customization(More)
In this paper, the requirements for a mechanical manipulator for achieving reconditioning of mould and die tools are determined. Reconditioning of mould and die tools involves the following manufacturing processes; identification of defects, cleaning of mould/die tool, deposition of material (metal), welding of material (TIG/laser), rough machining and(More)
Practical wall climbing robots that are used for applications requiring them to be fitted with task specific tools should be large enough to carry the additional tool payload. As size of robot is increased, inflexible body frame of wall-climbing robot limits its capability to change surfaces and to maneuver on uneven surfaces. In this paper, modular design(More)