Njeri Wabiri

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BACKGROUND Rates of maternal mortality and morbidity vary markedly, both between and within countries. Documenting these variations, in a very unequal society like South Africa, provides useful information to direct initiatives to improve services. The study describes inequalities over time in access to maternal health services in South Africa, and(More)
BACKGROUND The linkage between the socio-economic inequality and HIV outcomes was analysed using data from a population-based household survey that employed multistage-stratified sampling. The goal is to help refocus attention on how HIV is linked to inequalities. METHODS A socio-economic index (SEI) score, derived using Multiple Correspondence Analysis(More)
BACKGROUND South Africa is increasingly focused on reducing maternal mortality. Documenting variation in access to maternal health services across one of the most inequitable nations could assist in re-direction of resources. METHODS Analysis draws on a population-based household survey that used multistage-stratified sampling. Women, who in the past two(More)
Condom use has increased significantly over the past decade among all adult age groups in South Africa, and it is widely believed to have played a major role in the recent significant decline in HIV incidence in the country, especially among young people. This study investigated the demographic, behavioural and psychosocial correlates of condom use at last(More)
Beyond the structural drivers such as distance from the road, rural/urban divide or demographic profiles, not much is known about the spatial relationship between HIV and social covariates. Spatial relations between social covariates and HIV infection of persons above 15 years were explored and mapped using geographically weighted regression model using(More)
BACKGROUND Globally, family planning services are being strengthened and the range of contraceptive choices expanded. Data on contraceptive coverage and service gaps could help to shape these initiatives. OBJECTIVE To assess contraception coverage in South Africa (SA) and identify underserved populations and aspects of programming that require(More)
Coding Guide Example: MOAA01 (Weekday) MO (Session type) AA (Session order) 01 Weekdays: SU (Sunday), MO (Monday), TU (Tuesday), WE (Wednesday), TH (Thursday), FR (Friday) Session types: oral abstract sessions AA (Track A), AB (Track B), AC (Track C), AD (Track D), AE (Track E), AX (Cross-Track), LBA (Late Breaker Track A), LBB (Late Breaker Track B), LBC(More)
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