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OBJECTIVE This study aimed at examining the detection rate of congenital abnormalities by using routine ultrasonography at 18-22 weeks of gestation. METHODS The sample included 7,236 fetuses. A detailed sonographic examination was performed in each fetus and a neonatal evaluation or pathology examination was made to confirm the prenatal findings. (More)
In this paper, we study application of the concept of minimizing energy functions in image processing. In particular, we examine the Variational Retinex algorithm proposed by R. Kimmel, D. Shaked, and M. Elad from Hewlett-Packard Laboratories – Israel, and we attempt to detect and remove shadow regions from colored image. Through our process to minimize the(More)
Recent research in perinatal pathology argues that analyzing properties of the placenta may reveal important information on how certain diseases progress. One important property is the structure of the placental blood vessels, which supply a fetus with all of its oxygen and nutrition. An essential step in the analysis of the vascular network pattern is the(More)
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