Nizar Abdelkafi

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Product configurators are considered to be among the most successful applications of artificial intelligence technology. In this paper, we determine different conceptualizations of configurators and condense them in a comprehensive morphological box, which should support configurator designers as well as decision makers in selecting the right system. The(More)
In this paper, we review the commonality indices that have been developed thus far and demonstrate their possible limitations in evaluating component commonality for mass customization. Therefore, we develop a commonality index that considers generic bills-of-materials for mass customization instead of material-requirements-planning-like product structures.(More)
To better understand customer requirements in mass customization, we introduce here a model distinguishing between the objective and the subjective customers’ needs. The model points out that the explicitly expressed customer requirements do not necessarily correspond to what customers really want. This model enables the explanation of the main shortcomings(More)
Large product variety in mass customization involves a high internal complexity level inside a company’s operations, as well as a high external complexity level from a customer’s perspective. To cope with both complexity problems, an information system based on agent technology is able to be identified as a suitable solution approach. The mass customized(More)
This paper introduces the open school concept, which aims to strengthen the openness of the university to its students. In an open school, students do not take a passive role as service consumers; they are active members of their university. Though the open school reflects a new mindset in higher education, it uses available technologies. The web-based(More)
BACKGROUND Subcutaneous dirofilariasis is zoonotic infection caused by Dirofilaria repens, the principal reservoir of which is the dog. Clinical expression is usually benign but problems of differential diagnosis are present in some cases. We report the first case of dirofilariasis diagnosed in our area (Sfax, southern Tunisia). OBSERVATION A 21 year-old(More)
Motivation of this paper is to discuss that the open source model of innovation does not only seem practical in the software industry, but also in various other industrial contexts. We develop the concept of open source innovation (OSI) as a generalisation of the open source model of software development (OSS). Our definition centres on the collaboration of(More)