Nizam Uddin Ahmed

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In this paper we consider a class of partially observed dynamic systems with measurement uncertainty and present a technique for design of optimal linear output feedback controls to minimize the maximum risk. This is then extended to cover systems with uncertainty in the measurement as well as in the dynamics. These results are presented in the form of(More)
In this paper a new conversion technique is proposed for complex-valued neuron (CVN) to convert real value into complex value in order to solve real-valued classification problems & Time series analysis. Previously phase encoding system was used to solve these types of problems. In this proposed encoding system, each real-valued input is converted into(More)
The representation and understanding of physical objects unify diverse fields in and around Artificial Intelligence Research. They bring together the heuristic and epistemological categories. Although much of concern in the past has been on the former, the recent flood of literature indicates the growing interest in the latter. The components of a physical(More)
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