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STUDY OBJECTIVE To estimate the short-term effects of a minimally invasive single vaginal incision technique without passing through the abdomen or groin (ContaSure Needleless System) on the quality of life in women with incontinence. DESIGN Prospective cohort study (Canadian Task Force classification II-2). SETTING Tertiary referral urogynecology(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effects of early pelvic floor muscle training after vaginal delivery on sexual function. DESIGN Prospective randomized study. SETTINGS Urogynecology clinic of a tertiary medical center in Istanbul, Turkey. POPULATION Total of 75 primiparous women. METHODS Pelvic floor-muscle strength was assessed during rest and straining(More)
Interstitial pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy with significant risk for morbidity. A 32-year-old woman, was brought to the emergency department with severe abdominal pain and syncope. There was no history of menolipsis and usage of any contraceptive methods. Serum ß hCG arrival was 11224 IU/L. Trans-vaginal ultrasound scan showed an empty(More)
OBJECTIVE The effect of cetrorelix given in the early implantation period on rat pregnancy was investigated. STUDY DESIGN Forty-nine virgin Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into six groups. At the 4th or 8th days of sperm plug, groups received 15, 75, 150 μg/kg cetrorelix or saline. Three subjects were randomly selected from each group and sacrificed(More)
Objective: Factors affecting survival in endometrial cancer patients were aimed to be investigated. Material and methods: Survival, age, histopathologic diagnosis, stage, grade and lymphovascular space involvement of 172 endometrial cancer patients operated in Zeynep Kamil Hospital between 2001-2010 years were analyzed retrospectively. All patients were(More)
This study was designed to investigate effects of raloxifene (RLX) and estradiol on bone formation and resorption in intact and ovariectomized (ovx) rat models. In the intact model, a total of 24 adult female rats were divided into three groups: Controls subcutaneously received saline alone. RLX (2 mg/kg) and estradiol (30 μg/kg) were injected to two groups(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the possible correlation between plasma malondialdehyde and homocysteine levels of preeclamptic patients. DESIGN Venous blood samples of 20 preeclamptics and 20 healthy pregnant controls were collected. Plasma malondialdehyde and homocysteine concentrations were measured and the correlation between them was investigated. Mann(More)
We have investigated a relationship between DNA damage in sperm and spermiogram profiles in the infertile men. Twenty-one non-smoking infertile men <40 years of age with no systemic or genetic disease were randomly selected from the pool of infertile couples applied to our clinic. Sperm samples were collected and evaluated according to WHO guidelines. DNA(More)
To evaluate prospectively the rate of postoperative failure of McCall culdoplasty and the presence of a history of vaginal delivery of macrosomic infants as risk factors in patients with stage III or symptomatic stage II apical prolapse without any other pelvic floor defects. Patients with pelvic organ prolapse who underwent vaginal hysterectomy and McCall(More)