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Biometric and soft biometric features can be used to identify people in disaster situations, but the use of biometric features or pictures of victims may lead to privacy issues. Using text-based descriptors to describe disaster victim images would help in making person data public and also in searching for a particular person in a large database. In this(More)
The task of algorithmically expanding a textual content based on an existing corpus can aid in efficient authoring and is feasible if the desired additional materials are already present in the corpus. We propose an algorithm that automatically expands a piece of text, by identifying paragraphs from the repository as candidates for augmentation to the(More)
Cookies and log in-based authentication often provide incomplete data for stitching website visitors across multiple sources, necessitating probabilistic deduplication. We address this challenge by formulating the problem as a binary classification task for pairs of anonymous visitors. We compute visitor proximity vectors by converting categorical variables(More)
Pearson’s rank correlation coefficient (r) between the vectors of counts and residual values over all tuples was found to be very close to zero (−0.035). Kendall rank correlation coefficient τ between the ranked lists when (w, q) tuples are ordered by frequency and residual value, was found to be −4.65 × 10−9 . This indicates almost no correlation between(More)
Disaster events like the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 result in a desperate need for family and friends to obtain information about missing people. This can be facilitated by automatically extracting textual descriptors of patients from images taken at emergency triage centers. We show that(More)
Organizations measure their social audience based on the number of users, fans, and followers on social media. Every social media platform has its user identity and a single user is present across varied platforms. Due to the disconnected user profiles, identifying duplicate users across media is non-trivial. There is a need to create a complete view of a(More)
Earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and other such events can cause tremendous harm to people and infrastructure, often leaving those outside the areas impacted with little or no information on the state of their friends and relatives who may have been affected. Our goal is to automatically process images of patients taken as part of the intake(More)
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