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—MEMS-based oscillators have recently become a topic of interest as integrated alternatives are sought for quartz-based frequency references. When seeking a programmable solution, a key component of such systems is a low power, low area fractional -N synthesizer, which also provides a convenient path for compensating changes in the MEMS resonant frequency(More)
MEMS-based programmable oscillators have emerged as a promising alternative to crystal-based frequency references, with previously reported work demonstrating sub-ps integrated jitter [1]. Here we show frequency stability better than ±0.5ppm from-40 to 85°C, along with Allan Deviation (i.e., long term jitter) better than 0.005 ppm for 0.1, 1, and 10 second(More)
MEMS resonators have recently emerged as an alternative structure to crystal resonators in providing frequency references which achieve better than 50 ppm accuracy over the industrial temperature range. As illustrated in Fig. 13.1.1, a programmable oscillator utilizing a MEMS resonator is achieved by wire bonding a MEMS resonator die to a CMOS die that(More)
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