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Despite a recent push towards large-scale object recognition, activity recognition remains limited to narrow domains and small vocabularies of actions. In this paper, we tackle the challenge of recognizing and describing activities ``in-the-wild''. We present a solution that takes a short video clip and outputs a brief sentence that sums up the main(More)
We present a holistic data-driven technique that generates natural-language descriptions for videos. We combine the output of state-of-the-art object and activity detectors with " real-world " knowledge to select the most probable subject-verb-object triplet for describing a video. We show that this knowledge, automatically mined from web-scale text(More)
When the trend in human culture advances, the problems in their science and engineering is increased. To solve those problems, lot of computing power is needed. Grid is a heterogeneous system that allows sharing of resources. Grid computing is a technology that works what super computer does. Efficient utilization of the grid environment requires large(More)
– Grid computing is gaining ground in academia and commerce moving from scientific-based applications to service oriented problem solving environments. Grid is a distributed large-scale computing infrastructure providing dependable, secure, transparent, pervasive, inexpensive, and coordinated resource sharing. Resource selection and use are necessary to(More)
Grid computing is the form of distributed computing and coordinated resource sharing and problem solving in dynamic virtual organizations. Due to highly dynamic feature dependable workflow scheduling is critical in grid environment. Various scheduling algorithms are posed but hardly consider resource reliability. Current systems mainly consider fault(More)
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