Nivaldo Schultz

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In Brazil N fertilization of sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) is low compared to most other countries. 15N-aided studies and the occurrence of many N2-fixing bacteria associated with cane plants suggest significant contributions from biological N2 fixation (BNF). The objective of this study was to evaluate BNF contributions to nine cane varieties under field(More)
The present study provides much needed empirical data on the adolescent loneliness experience. One hundred adolescents were given measures of loneliness, loneliness attributions, coping styles, and personal characteristics. Loneliness was positively related to state and trait anxiety, an external locus of control, depression, self-consciousness, and social(More)
Age-cohort differences for seven tests from the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery, for overall performance on the Impairment Index, and for a multivariate composite of the seven scores, were examined for 427 subjects falling into six age groups (15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65 years and over). Univariate and multivariate-discriminant(More)
Fifty-four subjects with uncomplicated essential hypertension and 54 normotensive subjects were compared with regard to a widely employed clinical index of cognitive dysfunction (the Average Impairment Rating) calculated from neuropsychological tests that discriminate between brain-damaged and neurologically normal persons. Hypertensive subjects exhibited(More)
Regression analyses using Blood Pressure, Age, and the multiplicative effect of Blood Pressure and Age as predictors of performance (on selected tests from the Halstead-Reitan neuropsychological test battery) were done. Three hypotheses were tested with subjects ranging in age from 20 to 72 years of age: (1) blood pressure values predict neuropsychological(More)
In Experiment 1 we examined young (mean age = 22.88 years) and old (mean age = 70.79 years) adults' ability to evaluate their understanding of texts. We examined ability to detect nonsense words (a lexical standard), violations of prior knowledge (an external consistency standard), and inconsistent sentences (an internal consistency standard) that were(More)
This study examined the effects of age and hypertension on WAIS performance. Previous studies have reported that hypertension adversely affects cognitive functioning, but few have considered the influence of hypertension on discrete age groups. Hypertension was found to be negatively associated with WAIS Verbal scores for younger (21 to 39 years) but not(More)
This study was designed to compare changes in performance on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale over a 5- to 6-year test interval for normotensives and medically treated, uncomplicated essential hypertensives. The results indicated that normotensives improved from Time 1 to Time 2 on the Verbal scale but not on the Performance scale. Hypertensives(More)
This study examined the effects of essential hypertension on measures of anxiety and depression for two age groups of hypertensive (free from hypertension-related pathology and/or cardiovascular disease) and normotensive subjects. Hypertensive subjects had significantly higher State Anxiety scores and Zung Depression scores than did normotensive subjects.(More)