Niva Russek-Blum

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We have explored the effects of robust neural plate patterning signals, such as canonical Wnt, on the differentiation and configuration of neuronal subtypes in the zebrafish diencephalon at single-cell resolution. Surprisingly, perturbation of Wnt signaling did not have an overall effect on the specification of diencephalic fates, but selectively affected(More)
Neuroinflammation is critically involved in numerous neurodegenerative diseases, and key signaling steps of innate immune activation hence represent promising therapeutic targets. This mini review series originated from the 4th Venusberg Meeting on Neuroinflammation held in Bonn, Germany, 7-9th May 2015, presenting updates on innate immunity in acute brain(More)
The diencephalon acts as an interactive site between the sensory, central, and endocrine systems and is one of the most elaborate structures in the vertebrate brain. To better understand the embryonic development and morphogenesis of the diencephalon, we developed an improved photoactivation (uncaging)-based lineage tracing strategy. To determine the exact(More)
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