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We have investigated the dependence of two-point resolution by an aberration-free Gaussian aperture on the real part of the complex degree of coherence. The Sparrow and the modified Rayleigh criteria have been used for the partially coherent optical systems, and a comparison between them has been made. To reveal important information concerning the(More)
This paper presents a study of the effects of annular sources of illumination on the resolution of two pinholes of equal brightness by a semitransparent and II-phase annular aperture microscope. It has been shown that by using a centrally obstructed illuminating condenser and a semitransparent and II-phase annular aperture microscope objective the(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of random surface irregularities on the intensity distribution of a Lummer-Gehrcke plate interferometer. These surface defects are distributed asymmetrically about the plane of the L-G plate and are usually caused by scratches during its use. Calculations have been conducted for typical values of parameters, and results of(More)
This paper presents a theoretical study of the effects of partial coherence (via the effect of condenser aperture) on the resolution of two pinholes by a semitransparent and pi-phase annular aperture microscope. The illumination used is nonuniform and nonsymmetric. The response of the resolution has been studied in three discrete planes of illumination. It(More)
Studies estimating canopy volume are mostly based on laborious and time-consuming field measurements; hence, there is a need for easier and convenient means of estimation. Accordingly, this study investigated the use of remotely sensed data (WorldView-2 and LiDAR) for estimating tree height, canopy height and crown diameter, which were then used to infer(More)
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