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Text mining (TM) and computational linguistics (CL) are computationally intensive fields where many tools are becoming available to study large text corpora and exploit the use corpora for various purposes. In this chapter we will address the problem of building conversational agents or chatbots from corpora for domain-specific educational purposes. After(More)
Internet and mobile applications are becoming more and more helpful and widespread, while our daily lives are becoming increasingly busy and complicated. Preferences affect our actions, as well as those of intelligent agents. Answer Set Programming is a suitable framework for a decision making process which aims at supporting users by suitably planning(More)
We present a framework that we are currently developing, that allows one to extract knowledge from natural language sentences using a deep analysis technique based on linguistic dependencies. The extracted knowledge is represented in OOLOT, an intermediate format that we have introduced, inspired by the Language of Thought (LOT) and based on Answer Set(More)
Preface In 1934 Alan M. Turing argued that machines could imitate thought and, in the essay " Computing Machinery and Intelligence " , he proposed what is now known as the Turing test. A computer and a human are compared by a panel of judges, who address the same questions to both and review their answers. If the judges cannot make distinctions between the(More)
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