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The mathematical models proposed and studied in the present paper provide a unified framework to understand complex dynamical patterns in vole populations in Europe and North America. We have extended the well-known model provided by Hanski and Turchin by incorporating the diffusion term and spatial heterogeneity and performed several mathematical and(More)
We simulate the dynamical behavior of a few two – dimensional predator – prey systems in two – dimensional parameter spaces to gain insight into how functional responses affect community dynamics. The insight gained helps us design three dimensional systems. We construct models for a few ecosystems with three species and study them using computer(More)
Social media is becoming a major and popular technological platform that allows users to express personal opinions toward the subjects with shared interests, opinion are good for decision making to People would want to know others' opinion before taking a decision, while corporate would like to monitor pulse of people in a social media about their products(More)
While language competition models of diachronic language shift are increasingly sophisticated, drawing on sociolinguistic components like variable language prestige, distance from language centers and intermediate bilingual transitionary populations, in one significant way they fall short. They fail to consider contact-based outcomes resulting in mixed(More)
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