Nitty Hirawaty Kamarulzaman

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Leaf extracts of Melicope lunu-ankenda were chemically studied and found to contain mixtures of hydrocarbons and squalene, fatty acids and esters. A geranylated coumaric acid was isolated as the major compound. The crude dichloromethane and methanol extracts of the leaves were found to be strongly larvicidal with LC50 values below 20 microg mL(-1). This is(More)
Influences of irrigation frequency on the growth and flowering of chrysanthemum grown under restricted root volume were tested. Chrysanthemum cuttings (Chrysanthemum morifolium "Reagan White") were grown in seedling tray which contained coconut peat in volumes of 73 and 140 cm(3). Plants were irrigated with drip irrigation at irrigation frequencies of 4(More)
E-procurement is electronic methods of conducting business transactions particularly purchasing activities. Many companies around the world have started to apply the technologies though there are still some which refuse to utilize them. The objective of this paper was to investigate the application of e-procurement technologies in managing purchasing(More)
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