Nittaya Tresilwised

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Oncolytic adenoviruses rank among the most promising innovative agents in cancer therapy. We examined the potential of boosting the efficacy of the oncolytic adenovirus dl520 by associating it with magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic-field-guided infection in multidrug-resistant (MDR) cancer cells in vitro and upon intratumoral injection in vivo. The virus(More)
Limitations to adenovirus infectivity can be overcome by association with magnetic nanoparticles and enforced infection by magnetic field influence. Here we examined three core-shell-type iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles differing in their surface coatings, particle sizes and magnetic properties for their ability to enhance the oncolytic potency of(More)
Magnetic particles are used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes such as delivery systems for drugs, genes, and radionuclides. In this study, the technique of chemical co-precipitation in aqueous solution was applied for the synthesis of iron-based magnetic particles. The size and size distribution of magnetic particles were determined by photon(More)
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