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Despite the recent advances in, and the adoption of robotic technologies in the construction industry, the architectural processes which demand a high degree of geometric freedom still remain largely labour intensive and manual. This is due to the inherent difficulties in robotizing the current implementation of such processes coupled with the lack of(More)
Using data from staggered state elections in India, this paper provides evidence that politicians directly interfere with firm activity. In states with forthcoming elections, politicians influence banks to increase lending to farmers at the cost of manufacturing firms. This effect is greater in competitive elections and in locations with higher proportion(More)
This paper presents the design, development and the preliminary assessment of a force sensor designed for robotized medical applications. The requirements and constraints for the force sensor are derived from the targeted application of needle insertion in the context of interventional radiology. These constraints rule out the feasibility of commercially(More)
In this paper a best method of fault locating in a radial power distribution system is discussed. The history associated with fault occurred in power system can be effectively used as a strong database. This database will act as the trainer to the fuzzy expert system. In this paper methodology based on fuzzy expert system is discussed for assistance to the(More)
-Vulnerability in web application persistently challenges the security in the web application software products. Now a day, Security is paramount way to protect software against wicked attacks and other hacker risk so that the software continues to function correctly under such potential risks. In recent year, the communication through the internet has(More)
With the incessant improvement of mobile internet, smart mobile is now tightly assimilated in the information system. In today's world every single information can be accessed through a smart phone. People living in a new city or a new society might not have exact information about the nearby hospitals. And when the emergency comes he/she may not have the(More)
Current improvements in computing technology makes it possible and very easy to build genomic sequences from the billions of reads within a minimal cost and time. In this article, we are proposing an algorithm which is analyzing two compression algorithms Efficient Referential Genome Compression algorithm and Novel Referential Genomic Compression algorithm.(More)
The growth of technology is heading security systems in a challenging way with amalgamation of different threats and vulnerabilities. Although it is becoming easier day by day to find out the abnormality in the ongoing video with advancement of technology in the field of video cameras, however it is still challenging to detect the undesired event at the(More)
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