Nitin Sharma

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Spoofing with photograph or video is one of the most common manners to attack a face recognition system. In this paper, we present a non intrusive and real time method to address this problem, based on fusion of thermal imaging and skin elasticity of human face. In this technique, face images is captured using camera sensor and thermal sensor at the same(More)
Electromechanical delay (EMD) and uncertain nonlinear muscle dynamics can cause destabilizing effects and performance loss during closed-loop control of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Linear control methods for NMES often perform poorly due to these technical challenges. A new predictor-based closed-loop controller called proportional integral(More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) is a promising technique, which can provide high downlink capacity for the future wireless systems. The total capacity of OFDMA can be maximized by adaptively assigning subchannels to the user with the best gain for that subchannel, with power subsequently distributed by water-filling. In this paper, we(More)
Computation of an analytical control solution for functional electrical stimulation (FES) and orthosis-based walking is a daunting task due to the inherent nonlinear structure of the human muscle and walking dynamics. Furthermore, since muscle fatigue and available muscle force are major limiting issues, we explored the domains of numerical optimal control(More)
A hybrid neuroprosthesis that uses an electric motor-based wearable exoskeleton and functional electrical stimulation (FES) has a promising potential to restore walking in persons with paraplegia. A hybrid actuation structure introduces effector redundancy, making its automatic control a challenging task because multiple muscles and additional electric(More)
ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity)-related failure of drug candidates is a major issue for the pharmaceutical industry today. Prediction of PD-PK-T properties using in silico tools has become very important in pharmaceutical research to reduce cost and enhance efficiency. PaDEL-DDPredictor is an in silico tool for rapid(More)