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Today technology that learns from data to forecast future behavior of individuals, organizations, government and country as a whole, is playing a crucial role in the advancement of human race. In fact, the strategic advantage most of the companies today strive for are use of new available technologies like cloud computing and big data. However, today's(More)
Studies on diffusion of multi generations of technological innovations through a population of potential buyers have seen unprecedented impetus over the past few decades. Both academicians and technocrats derive deeper insights by studying dynamic sales behavior of multiple generations of high-technology products. In this paper Discrete Norton Bass (DNB)(More)
Present day applications require various kinds of images and pictures as sources of information for interpretation and analysis. Whenever an image is converted from one form to another, such as digitizing, scanning, transmitting, storing, etc. , some form of degradation occurs at the output. Hence, the output image has to undergo a process called image(More)
At present recommender systems (RS) are incorporating contextual and social data of the client, delivering context aware RS where it take request response approach in which the recommendations are given to the client upon his solicitation. Later on they will utilize verifiable data of the client anywhere from the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, a(More)
Multi-value logic is defined as a non-binary logic and involves the switching between more than two states. The design of Multiple Valued Logic (MVL) digital circuits is performed by increasing the representation domain from the two level (N=2) switching algebra to N > 2 levels. More data can be transmitted by single wire having more than two levels.(More)
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