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Sleep plays a pivotal role in the quality of life, and sleep posture is related to many medical conditions such as sleep apnea. In this paper, we design a dense pressure-sensitive bedsheet for sleep posture monitoring. In contrast to existing techniques, our bedsheet system offers a completely unobtrusive method using comfortable textile sensors. Based on(More)
Sleep posture affects the quality of our sleep and is especially important for such medical conditions as sleep apnea and pressure ulcers. In this paper, we propose a design for a dense pressure-sensitive bedsheet along with an algorithmic framework to recognize and monitor sleeping posture. The bedsheet system uses comfortable textile sensors that produces(More)
Rising world fuel prices, the growing demand for energy, and concerns about global warming are the key factors driving renewed interest in renewable energy sources and in bioenergy. Nowadays, the world energy demand has increased significantly due to the global industrialization and increase of population. As a result, the current limited reservoirs will(More)
The dependence on petrochemicals for production of polymers has been declining not only because of the depletion in fossil fuels but also due to environmental concerns. Extensive research has been undertaken worldwide to explore renewable resource for the production of polymers and biocomposites. Vegetable or plant oil is one such main and valuable(More)
ii c 2011 Onkar Nitin Raut ALL RIGHTS RESERVED iii ABSTRACT ONKAR NITIN RAUT. Shape recognition for plane closed curves using error model of an elliptical fit and Fourier descriptors. (Under the direction of DR. JAMES M. CONRAD) Since the past few decades there has been profound interest shown in robotics and computer vision specially towards object(More)
Sir, Urade et al. described a 24‐week, randomized, open‐label comparison of agomelatine (25–50 mg/day) versus escitalopram (10–20 mg/day) in patients (n = 70) with major depressive disorder. They found that escitalopram had superior antidepressant effects from 6 to 24 weeks and that, during the same period, agomelatine had superior effects on sleep(More)
in the current age of immense water and power crisis the treatment of wastewater is important from ecological consideration but also on the economic front. Various treatment methodologies are adopted based on the characteristics and condition of wastewater. Best result of removing loads shows in combining system such as up flow anaerobic sludge blanket(More)
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