Nitin R. Prasad

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We present a case of female cephalothoracoomphalopagus conjoind twin, which is extremely rare type of conjoined twins. We also review the contemprory knowledge regarding incidence, etiopathogenesis, antenatal diagnosis and outcone or the prognosis of conjoint twins. The case belong to hindu female, no history of consanguineous marriage, ingestion of drugs(More)
Metal phosphides in general and aluminium phosphide in particular are potent insecticides and rodenticides. These are commercially used for protection of crops during storage, as well as during transportation. They are highly toxic substances and its poisoning is a common pediatric emergency leading to mortality and morbidity in children. Thousand of(More)
We demonstrate gate-tunable resonant tunneling and negative differential resistance between two rotationally aligned bilayer graphene sheets separated by bilayer WSe2. We observe large interlayer current densities of 2 and 2.5 μA/μm2 and peak-to-valley ratios approaching 4 and 6 at room temperature and 1.5 K, respectively, values that are comparable to(More)
Image and video filtering is a key image-processing task in computer vision especially in noisy environment. In most of the cases the noise source is unknown and hence possess a major difficulty in the filtering operation. In this paper we present an error-correction based learning approach for iterative filtering. A new FIR filter is designed in which the(More)
Interlayer tunnel field-effect transistors based on graphene and hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) have recently attracted much interest for their potential as beyond-CMOS devices. Using a recently developed method for fabricating rotationally aligned two-dimensional heterostructures, we show experimental results for devices with varying thicknesses and(More)
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