Nitin P. Ghonge

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The present article reports a triad of right renal agenesis, ipsilateral seminal vesicle cyst, and ejaculatory duct obstruction (Zinner syndrome) in a 19-year boy who presented with urinary symptoms. A detailed review of the relevant literature is also presented.
We performed whole-exome sequencing of a family with autosomal dominant Dandy-Walker malformation and occipital cephaloceles and detected a mutation in the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein-encoding gene NID1. In a second family, protein interaction network analysis identified a mutation in LAMC1, which encodes a NID1-binding partner. Structural modeling(More)
Clinical symptoms and signs of ovarian torsion are often nonspecific, and imaging studies have a crucial role in making an accurate timely diagnosis. Ultrasound with color Doppler is often the initial investigation. However, as illustrated in our case, a normal Doppler study cannot exclude the diagnosis of ovarian torsion, and MRI should be performed if a(More)
Multi-detector computed tomography has become a first-line imaging modality for the evaluation of small bowel disease. Its high speed and resolution ensure excellent imaging of the small bowel with simultaneous evaluation of the lumen and wall, adjoining mesentery, and extraluminal structures in the abdominal cavity. Optimal luminal distension is an(More)
A 45-year-old male presented with a clinical history of vague upper abdominal pain. There was no significant medical illness or any history of renal disease in the past. Clinical examination and laboratory parameters were unremarkable. A serum creatinine value of 0.83 mg/dL, serum sodium of 139 mEq/L and serum potassium of 4.2 mEq/L were reported.(More)
As Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (LDN) offers several advantages for the donor such as lesser post-operative pain, fewer cosmetic concerns and faster recovery time, there is growing global trend towards LDN as compared to open nephrectomy. Comprehensive pre-LDN donor evaluation includes assessment of renal morphology including pelvi-calyceal and vascular(More)
The present article reports a case of a 21 years male that was diagnosed to have isolated intramuscular hydatid cyst of the biceps brachii on Ultrasound and MRI. The 'Scroll appearance' of the ruptured endocyst in this case is likely to be an intervening transient stage in evolution of the disease and also indicates recent rupture of the endocyst.
PURPOSE In this study, we evaluated the role and relevance of multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) "surface map" of the appendix in demonstrating the variations in the location of the appendicular base with reference to McBurney's point and its likely clinical implications during an open appendicectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS This prospective study(More)