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As businesses scramble to adopt and implement service-oriented architectures (SOA) it is imperative that service-oriented thinking become an integral part of the business itself. We motivate the key concepts for service-oriented business thinking through a range of examples that give a flavor of a range of businesses. In this paper we establish three key(More)
"Services" is one of the most overloaded terms in the last 5 years in the IT industry. Progressively, the various co-existing meanings of this word have shifted from describing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services concepts to newer ideas such as Business Services and Service Oriented Business Application (SOBA). Consequently, use of the term(More)
It is widely accepted that the challenges posed by virtual enterprises are not necessarily technological in nature but more associated with the business issues in organizing and operating such organizations. However, solutions to these business issues can and should leverage the technological infrastructure in order to improve the feasibility, scalability(More)