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We describe a new content publishing system that selects articles to serve to a user, choosing from an editorially programmed pool that is frequently refreshed. It is now deployed on a major Yahoo! portal, and selects articles to serve to hundreds of millions of user visits per day, significantly increasing the number of user clicks over the original manual(More)
Lossless compression researchers have developed highly sophisticated approaches, such as Huffman encoding, arithmetic encoding, the Lempel-Ziv family, Dynamic Markov Compression (DMC), Prediction by Partial Matching (PPM), and Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) based algorithms. We propose an alternative approach in this paper to develop a reversible(More)
Conjoint analysis is one of the most popular market research methodologies for assessing how customers with heterogeneous preferences appraise various objective characteristics in products or services, which provides critical inputs for many marketing decisions, e.g. optimal design of new products and target market selection. Nowadays it becomes practical(More)
Arithmetic compression scheme is one of the commonly used techniques to represent more amount of information using the available units of resources. It has been known that arithmetic coding has a better coding efficiency than other compression schemes. However, when used in an error prone environment, the poor error resistance property of the method is a(More)
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