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In India, researchers compared data on 1000 malnourished preschool children from ICDS blocks of Jaipur slums with data on 5000 well-nourished preschool children attending well-baby clinics of Zenana Hospital and Mahila Chikitsalya and from kindergarten classes of 2 public schools of Jaipur. They aimed to compare the prevalence of vitamin deficiencies among(More)
------------------------------------------------------------Abstract--------------------------------------------------------Real time object tracking is considered as a critical application. Object tracking is one of the most necessary steps for surveillance, augmented reality, smart rooms and perceptual user interfaces, video compression based on object(More)
In this paper, we have proposed one designs for matrix-matrix multiplication. The one design differs by hardware complexity, throughput rate and different input/output data format to match different application needs. We have compared the proposed designs with the existing similar design and found that, the proposed designs offer higher throughput rate at(More)
Matrix multiplication is the kernel operation used in many transform, image and discrete signal processing application. We develop new algorithms and new techniques for matrix multiplication on configurable devices. In this paper, we have proposed three designs for matrix-matrix multiplication. These design reduced hardware complexity, throughput rate and(More)
Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) is an algorithm for generating a sequence of numbers. Due to speed in number generation pseudorandom numbers are very important. The increasing application of cryptographic algorithms to ensure secure communications is widely used. So, Here we propose a new reseeding mixing method to extend the system period length and(More)
In this paper, based on word-serial pipeline architecture, a new efficient distributed arithmetic (NEDA) technique is introduced. This architecture increases the speed and reduced the time of 2-D discrete wavelet transform (DWT). In this design, word-serial pipeline architecture able to compute a complete 2-D discrete wavelet transforms (DWT) binary tree in(More)
Matrix multiplication is the kernel operation used in many transform, image processing and digital signal processing application. In this paper, we have studied for parallel-parallel input and single output (PPI-SO), parallel-parallel input and multiple output (PPI-MO) and parallel-parallel fixed input and multiple output (PFI-MO) matrix-matrix(More)
The present work proposes many threshold techniques for moving object detection and tracking system. It applies more than one threshold techniques during segmentation phase of the work. Object detection is done by background subtraction with Alpha method and object tracking is carried out by feature point tracking approach. It is observed that Otsu(More)
A 2-D discrete wavelet transform hardware design based on 2’s complement design based architecture is presented in this paper. We have proposed based on arithmetic for low complexity and efficient implementation of 2-D discrete wavelet transform. The 2’s complement design based technique has been applied to reduce the number of full adders. This(More)
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