Nitin M. Tiwari

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We introduce Candoia, a platform and ecosystem for building Mining Software Repositories (MSR) tools. The platform is designed to support building of MSR tools by providing necessary tools and abstractions that hide the complex details of version control, bug databases, source code programming languages and forges. The ecosystem allows easy sharing and(More)
Research on mining software repositories (MSR) has shown great promise during the last decade in solving many challenging software engineering problems. There exists, however, a ‘valley of death’ between these significant innovations in the MSR research and their deployment in practice. The significant cost of converting a prototype to software; need to(More)
We propose Candoia, a novel platform and ecosystemfor building and sharing Mining Software Repositories(MSR) tools. Using Candoia, MSR tools are built as apps, and Candoia ecosystem, acting as an appstore, allows effective sharing. Candoia platform provides, data extraction tools for curating custom datasets for user projects, and data abstractions for(More)