Nitin Kumar Sharma

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Electromechanical delay (EMD) and uncertain nonlinear muscle dynamics can cause destabilizing effects and performance loss during closed-loop control of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Linear control methods for NMES often perform poorly due to these technical challenges. A new predictor-based closed-loop controller called proportional integral(More)
Neural Networks and SVM are recently being used in various kind of pattern recognition. As humans, it is easy to recognize numbers, letters, voices, and objects, to name a few. However, making a machine solve these types of problems is a very difficult task. Character Recognition has been an active area of research in the field of image processing and(More)
Tourniquets are commonly used in limb surgeries, be it orthopedic or plastic surgeries. But the inflation pressures, the duration, and release guidelines are still not clear. According to a survey, majority of orthopedic surgeons inflate the tourniquet to fixed pressures for the upper and the lower limbs without considering the baseline blood pressure of(More)
A new series of Pd (II) complexes of methyl substituted benzylamine ligands (BLs) has been synthesized and characterized via spectroscopic techniques such as UV/Vis. FTIR, LCMS, (1)H, and (13)C NMR. The UV/Vis study in DMSO, DMSO + water, and DMSO + PBS buffer (pH = 7.2) confirmed their molecular sustainability in liquids. Their in vitro anticancer activity(More)
—According to recent media reports, there has been a surge in the number of devices that are being connected to the Internet. The Internet of Things (IoT), also referred to as Cyber-Physical Systems, is a collection of physical entities with computational and communication capabilities. The storage and computing power of these devices is often limited and(More)
Emanuel syndrome (ES) is a rare anomaly characterized by a distinctive phenotype, consisting of characteristic facial dysmorphism, microcephaly, severe mental retardation, developmental delay, renal anomalies, congenital cardiac defects, and genital anomalies in boys. Here, we report a male neonate, with the classical features of Emanuel syndrome.
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Post-operative pain is a major concern for day care surgeries like laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This study aimed to compare the efficacy of ultrasound guided abdominal field blocks (USAFB) with port site infiltrations for post-operative analgesia in terms of quality of pain relief, opioid consumption and patient satisfaction for day(More)
The Pd (II) complexes with a series of halosubstituted benzylamine ligands (BLs) have been synthesized and characterized with different spectroscopic technique such as FTIR, UV/Vis, LCMS, (1)H, and (13)C NMR. Their molecular sustainability in different solvents such as DMSO, DMSO : H2O, and DMSO : PBS at physiological condition (pH 7.2) was determined by(More)
BACKGROUND Haemangiomas are a source of concern to the parents. It has long been advised to plan a conservative management and counsel the attendants in various literatures owing to the spontaneous regression in these cases. We tried to find out the role of conservative management in our setup. The objective of this study was to assess the effect of(More)