Nitin Hemchandra Dani

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Recent advances in cellular and molecular biology have led to the development of new strategies for vaccines against many types of infectious diseases. It has long been recognized that individuals who recovered from a disease developed subsequent resistance to the same. In the late 18th century, Edward Jenner developed and established the principle of(More)
CONTEXT Periodontal disease and oxidative stress (OS) are part of a vicious cycle with each causing a deleterious effect on the other causing changes in the levels of antioxidants, and enzymes of antioxidant defense. Biomarkers and methods used for measuring OS are very expensive. AIMS To see how gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) fares, as a biomarker for(More)
AIM In the present study, a new electronic model ROBOTUTOR was designed to compare the efficacy of different modes of dental health education for demonstration of the Bass toothbrushing technique and also to evaluate its efficacy with different modes of dental health education in patient understanding. MATERIALS AND METHODS Total 150 subjects were(More)
Background The aim of this article is to review various studies aimed at finding the association between Periodontitis and Chronic Kidney Disease. Methods A search was conducted for all the articles in the past that have studied the association between Periodontitis and Chronic Kidney Disease. Data sources primarily included Pub Med with MeSH terms and free(More)
Oral focal mucinosis (OFM) is a rare soft tissue lesion of unknown aetiology. Clinically, it is most commonly found on the gingiva and presents as a painless, sessile or pedunculated mass. Histologically, it is characterized by focal myxoid degeneration of underlying connective tissue. Fifty-three-year-old patient reported with a painless, firm and fibrous(More)
Gene therapy is a field of Biomedicine. With the advent of gene therapy in dentistry, significant progress has been made in the control of periodontal diseases and reconstruction of dento-alveolar apparatus.Implementation in periodontics include:-As a mode of tissue engineering with three approaches: cell, protein-based and gene delivery approach.-Genetic(More)
BACKGROUND For the first time in India, allografts from human extracted teeth were prepared. A randomized, prospective, clinicoradiographical, histological study was conducted to evaluate their efficacy in comparison with freeze-dried bone allograft (FDBA) in alveolar ridge preservation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Graft preparation: with written consent, teeth(More)
BACKGROUND A randomized, prospective clinical, radiographical, and histological study was conducted to evaluate healing after alveolar ridge preservation technique using two different graft materials, namely, a novel autogenous graft material i. e., autogenous tooth graft (ATG) and beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) alloplast. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen(More)
BACKGROUND Root coverage (RC) procedures such as lateral positioned flap (LPF) have been used since long time but with limited success and specific indications. AIM This prospective clinical study was designed to evaluate clinically the effect of modified LPF (mLPF) with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) graft for the treatment of denuded root surfaces. (More)
INTRODUCTION Periodontitis is inflammation of supporting tooth structure. Most individuals get affected by this disease if oral hygiene is not maintained. There are various mechanical and chemical methods for oral hygiene maintenance. In recent past, interest has been diverted toward the herbal/traditional product in oral hygiene maintenance as they are(More)