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We study the performance of the IEEE 802.11 protocol. We present an extension of a methodology for the collocated one-hop case which allows the incorporation of channel errors. The results closely agree with simulation results. A delay analysis is also presented. We also present an extension of this methodology to the multi-hop case with non-collocated(More)
Networked virtual environments (net-VEs) are the next wave of digital entertainment, with Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) a very popular instance. Current MMO architectures are server-centric in that all game logic is executed at the servers of the company hosting the game. This architecture has lead to severe scalability problems, in particular(More)
A wireless sensor network is a resource constraint network, in which all sensor nodes have limited resources. In order to save resources and energy, data must be aggregated, and avoid amounts of traffic in the network. The aim of data aggregation is that eliminates redundant data transmission and enhances the life time of energy in wireless sensor network.(More)
Childhood onset schizophrenia (COS) patients have marked neuropsychological deficits in areas of attention, working memory and executive functions. Similar deficits have been found in studies on Adolescent onset (AdOS) and Adult onset schizophrenia (AOS). In this study we compared the neuropsychological profile of COS with AdOS and AOS to test the(More)
An emerging trend in Social Networking sites and Web portals is the opening up of their APIs to external application developers. For example, the Facebook Platform, Google Gadgets and Ya-hoo! Widgets allow developers to design their own applications, which can then can be integrated with the platform and shared with other users. However, current APIs are(More)
There are many database applications that require users to coordinate and communicate. Friends want to coordinate travel plans, students want to jointly enroll in the same set of courses, and busy professionals want to coordinate their schedules. These tasks are difficult to program using existing abstractions provided by database systems because in(More)
Fifty patients of recurrent mania were studied for seasonality of which 11 patients fulfilled our study criteria for Seasonal Affective Disorder (recurrent mania). The two groups of seasonal and nonseasonal recurrent mania were compared on clinical and socio-demographic variables. Results characterised recurrent seasonal mania with psychotic features and(More)
This paper presents a new method for harmonic and reactive power compensation with power factor improvement using an artificial neural network (ANN) and a new control algorithm for active power filter (APF) for power quality conditioning for variable load under non-ideal mains voltage conditions. The neural network controller comprises two similar adaptive(More)
We consider the problem of finding related tables in a large corpus of heterogenous tables. Detecting related tables provides users a powerful tool for enhancing their tables with additional data and enables effective reuse of available public data. Our first contribution is a framework that captures several types of relatedness, including tables that are(More)
In this paper, we outline several ways in which the database community can contribute to the development of technology for computer games. We outline the architecture of different types of computer games, and show how database technology plays a role in their design. From this, we identify several new research directions to improve the utilization of this(More)