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Molecular interaction databases can be used to study the evolution of molecular pathways across species. Querying such pathways is a challenging computational problem, and recent efforts have been limited to simple queries (paths), or simple networks (forests). In this paper, we significantly extend the class of pathways that can be efficiently queried to(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS An inadequately cleansed colon can lead to missed lesions, repeat procedures, increased cost, and complications from colonoscopy. Because obesity, with its known link to colorectal neoplasia, might be associated with inadequate bowel cleansing, we investigated the impact of increased body mass index (BMI) on quality of bowel preparation at(More)
A key problem in computational proteomics is distinguishing between correct and false peptide identifications. We argue that evaluating the error rates of peptide identifications is not unlike computing generating functions in combinatorics. We show that the generating functions and their derivatives ( spectral energy and spectral probability) represent new(More)
Trypsin is the most commonly used enzyme in mass spectrometry for protein digestion with high substrate specificity. Many peptide identification algorithms incorporate these specificity rules as filtering criteria. A generally accepted "Keil rule" is that trypsin cleaves next to arginine or lysine, but not before proline. Since this rule was derived two(More)
N-terminal methionine excision (NME) and N-terminal acetylation (NTA) are two of the most common protein post-translational modifications. NME is a universally conserved activity and a highly specific mechanism across all life forms. NTA is very common in eukaryotes but occurs rarely in prokaryotes. By analyzing data sets from yeast, mammals and bacteria(More)
Little is known about how pro-obesity diets regulate tissue stem and progenitor cell function. Here we show that high-fat diet (HFD)-induced obesity augments the numbers and function of Lgr5(+) intestinal stem cells of the mammalian intestine. Mechanistically, a HFD induces a robust peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta (PPAR-δ) signature in(More)
To investigate individual differences in creativity as measured with a complex problem-solving task, we developed a computational model of the remote associates test (RAT). For 50 years, the RAT has been used to measure creativity. Each RAT question presents three cue words that are linked by a fourth word, which is the correct answer. We hypothesized that(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ultramorphology and surface roughness of permanent tooth enamel after various post-stripping polishing methods. METHODS Sixty extracted, permanent lower incisors were randomly assigned to two groups (Group A and Group B). Group A was morphologically assessed by a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and(More)
Childhood onset schizophrenia (COS) patients have marked neuropsychological deficits in areas of attention, working memory and executive functions. Similar deficits have been found in studies on Adolescent onset (AdOS) and Adult onset schizophrenia (AOS). In this study we compared the neuropsychological profile of COS with AdOS and AOS to test the(More)
Fifty patients of recurrent mania were studied for seasonality of which 11 patients fulfilled our study criteria for Seasonal Affective Disorder (recurrent mania). The two groups of seasonal and nonseasonal recurrent mania were compared on clinical and socio-demographic variables. Results characterised recurrent seasonal mania with psychotic features and(More)