Nitin Gogate

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—This paper examines the effectiveness of combining multiple description coding (MDC) and multiple path transport (MPT) for video and image transmission in a multihop mobile radio network. The video and image information is encoded nonhierarchically into multiple descriptions with the following objectives. The received picture quality should be acceptable,(More)
— In this letter, we consider the resequencing delay characteristics of a system with two heterogeneous servers serving a single queue with Poisson packet arrivals. An ordered delivery of packets is guaranteed at the receiver, hence packets arriving out of order suffer additional resequencing delay. We introduce the concept of threshold policies with(More)
This paper motivates the need for the Multiple Path Transport (MPT) of information in a multihop mobile radio network for supporting non-real time applications. Typical applications will need a higher bandwidth/higher reliability connection than that provided by current mobile networks. For supporting these applications a mobile node may need t o set up and(More)
Strong indirect support for this has been provided by the association of childhood psychiatric disorders with numerous neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders [1] and from clinical neuropsychological studies over many decades, indicating abnormal brain function in child psychiatric populations [2]. Because of the limitations of clinical investigation(More)
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