Nitin Goel

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Currently, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) can be deployed in various scenarios but the presence of varying degree of resources, mobility of nodes and the lack of load-balancing capabilities in MANETs (Mobile Ad Hoc Networks) poses a hefty challenge for such networks to scale and perform efficiently when subjected to varying network conditions. Load(More)
Ensuring software quality in the presence of multiple software development methodologies such as agile and waterfall models is a challenging task. Web applications are released to customers in “Beta” mode due to tremendous pressure on “time-to-market”. In order to check end-to-end functional behavior of web applications,(More)
Mobile ad hoc network especially follows multihopping mechanism for routing to make a path from source to destination. If we have a sound and solid routing path that would be efficient, reliable and adaptable to the different scenarios of network too by following the next hop mechanism and also should be the farthest node with in the cluster then we could(More)
The paper discusses an efficient algorithm for the routing in the heterogeneous wireless network. The advancement in the technology and introduction of LTE needs the interfacing with different types of environment. Due to different characteristics of each network the performance of the homogeneous routing protocols degrades. The paper modifies the AODV(More)
Blue Brain is the name of the world's first virtual brain. A Virtual machine is one that can function as, a very appropriate application of an Artificial Intelligence human brain. Reverse engineering is a foremost concept of implementing the human brain and recreate it at the cellular level inside a complete simulation. The four major motivations behind the(More)
Medical image interpretation is facing an important challenge resulting from the continuously increasing amount of imaging data. To meet the demand for high speed transmission of image in efficient image storage and remote treatment, the efficient image compression is essential. The contourlet transform along with wavelet theory has great potential in(More)
Wireless sensor network is a network of sensing devices or nodes which have a limited power supply and processing capability. It is the sensor nodes which sense the environment and report the information gathered from the monitored region to the “sink” or the base station [1]. However the data transferred in a simple WSN is not on the basis of(More)