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Cloned DNA-B components, belonging to the bipartite begomoviruses Indian cassava mosaic virus (ICMV) and Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus (SLCMV), family Geminiviridae, when co-inoculated along with previously cloned DNA-A components of the respective viruses onto the experimental host Nicotiana benthamiana, generated defective DNAs (def-DNA) ranging in size(More)
The DNA A and DNA B components of a begomovirus associated with cassava mosaic disease (CMD) originating from Kerala, India, were cloned. Biolistically inoculated clones induced symptoms typical of CMD in cassava. Sequence comparisons showed the virus to be an isolate of Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus (SLCMV). This is the first time this begomovirus(More)
Cassava mosaic disease (CMD) is caused by various begomoviruses of the family Geminiviridae leading to considerable crop losses in Africa and Asia. Recombination between their genomic components has generated new pathotypes with enhanced virulence in Africa. Here, we report about a survey on the biodiversity of begomoviruses in cassava from southern India(More)
The possibility of the changes in the proteolytic system that may be brought about by certain therapeutic substances has been studied in the present paper. The changes in the trypsin content of blood in certain pathological conditions have been reported by Iyengar et al. (1942). From these experiments it was considered likely that changes in the trypsin(More)
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