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Polar stimulation and constrained cell migration in microfluidic channels.
Asymmetrical delivery of stimuli to moving cells for perturbing spatially-heterogeneous intracellular signaling is an experimental challenge not adequately met by existing technologies. Here, weExpand
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Decoding Functional Metabolomics with Docosahexaenoyl Ethanolamide (DHEA) Identifies Novel Bioactive Signals*
Neuroinflammation and traumatic brain injury involve activation of inflammatory cells and production of local pro-inflammatory mediators that can amplify tissue damage. Using LC-UV-MS-MS-basedExpand
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Burn Injury Reduces Neutrophil Directional Migration Speed in Microfluidic Devices
Thermal injury triggers a fulminant inflammatory cascade that heralds shock, end-organ failure, and ultimately sepsis and death. Emerging evidence points to a critical role for the innate immuneExpand
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Rapid Appearance of Resolvin Precursors in Inflammatory Exudates: Novel Mechanisms in Resolution1
Resolution of inflammation is essential. Although supplementation of ω-3 fatty acids is widely used, their availability at sites of inflammation is not known. To this end, a multidisciplinaryExpand
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A programmable microfluidic cell array for combinatorial drug screening.
We describe the development of a fully automatic and programmable microfluidic cell culture array that integrates on-chip generation of drug concentrations and pair-wise combinations with parallelExpand
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Neutrophil migration assay from a drop of blood.
Neutrophil directional migration in response to chemical gradients, also known as chemotaxis, is one of the key phenomena in the immune responses against bacterial infection. To better studyExpand
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Rainfall Dependence of Springs in the Midwestern Himalayan Hills of Uttarakhand
Abstract One of the most important parameters of the hydrological cycle, precipitation, is directly affected by global warming; as a result, natural spring flow that receives input from rainfall inExpand
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Reactions and fluidics in miniaturized natural convection systems.
Buoyancy-driven convection offers a novel and greatly simplified mechanism for generating continuous nonpulsatile flow fields and performing thermally activated biochemical reactions. In this paper,Expand
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Antimicrobial and wound healing activities of leaves of Alternanthera sessilis Linn
Th e leaves of Alternanthera sessilis (Linn.) R.Br.ex DC (Family Amaranthaceae) were exhaustively extracted by soxhlet apparatus withdiff erent solvents like, petroleum ether (40-60oC), chloroform,Expand
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A buoyancy-driven compact thermocycler for rapid PCR.
The authors have designed a novel convective flow-based thermocycling system capable of performing high-speed DNA amplification via the polymerase chain reaction in a simplified and inexpensiveExpand
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