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The problem of determining the location and orientation of straight lines in images is of great importance in the fields of computer vision and image processing. Traditionally the Hough transform, (a special case of the Radon transform) has been widely used to solve this problem for binary images. In this paper, we pose the problem of detecting straight(More)
Proprietary standardization seeks to increase a firm's market share (pie sharing). Open standardization seeks to increase the size of the market (pie expansion). In order to determine which of these creates more value for a firm involved in standardization , this paper investigates the market value of standardization initiatives, using an event study based(More)
In today's dynamic business environment many firms must pursue a series of competitive strategies to survive. According to RBV, these strategies are based upon a firm's possession of resources and capabilities that are valuable, imperfectly inimitable, non-substitutable, rare and non-transferable. In this paper we extend research on online communities and(More)
We propose two models for dynamic cardiac imaging, based on the spatial and temporal-spectral support of the object. The models explicitly account for the aperiodicity of cardiac motion. The models are used for both adaptive minimum redundancy data acquisition optimized €or the object being imaged and to reconstnct a high temporal resolution movie of the(More)
Location based services are proving to be the next driving factors for growth in smartphones. While GPS solves the problem of accurate localization in outdoor environments, indoor localization is still an area of active research. Emergence of new generation smartphones with low cost sensors, have provided an effective way of indoor localization by(More)
BACKGROUND Doctoring is a 2-year preclinical course designed to teach medical students fundamental clinical skills. PURPOSE We designed, implemented, and evaluated an innovative and cost-effective peer-mentoring program embedded within Doctoring. Our Teaching Academy (TA) included a formal orientation for teaching "Fellows." METHODS During academic(More)
Spatial and temporal resolution and image quality in dynamic MRI are severely limited by physical constraints of MRI on the rate of acquisition. The most challenging and important application is cardiac MR (CMR) imaging. We survey work on an explicit model-based methodology developed in our lab, enabling more than an order-of-magnitude reduction in the(More)