Nithiwat Kampanya

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The Digital Library (DL) field is one of the most promising areas of application for information visualization technology. In this paper, we propose a visual user interface tool kit for digital libraries, to deliver an overview of document sets, with support for interactive direct manipulation. Our system, Citiviz, employs a dynamic hyperbolic tree to(More)
We describe a web-based prototype that enhances participatory design by providing participatory negotiation mechanisms between designers and potential end-users of a proposed system. As a module of LINK-UP, a repository for reusable design knowledge, our tool compliments scenario-based design processes, helping designers and potential end-users improve(More)
This paper presents a bilingual, English and Thai, unknown word alignment tools by using techniques, which are based on global and local characteristics of each word in parallel texts. Distribution and location of words in texts are analyzed generating candidate Thai unknown words with respect to each of English unknown word. Overall accuracy of the unknown(More)
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