Nithin Shivashankar

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INTRODUCTION Essential tremor (ET) is increasingly recognized to have several non-motor manifestations. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of non-motor manifestations in ET and its impact on the quality of life (QOL). METHODS This was a cross-sectional case-control questionnaire-based study. The subjects were 50 patients with ET and 50(More)
The Morse-Smale complex is a useful topological data structure for the analysis and visualization of scalar data. This paper describes an algorithm that processes all mesh elements of the domain in parallel to compute the Morse-Smale complex of large 2D datasets at interactive speeds. We employ a reformulation of the Morse-Smale complex using Forman's(More)
OBJECTIVES To report audiological and neuroradiological findings in patients with primary auditory neuropathy (PAN) from a tertiary institution in south India. MATERIAL AND METHODS The auditory profiles in 24 patients were analyzed along with neurological and radiological findings. RESULTS Puretone audiometry showed varied hearing acuity and(More)
We report two patients with pure word deafness (PWD) with tumour in the III ventricle region with obstructive hydrocephalus. A diagnosis of PWD was made in these two patients in view of impaired verbal comprehension in the presence of adequate hearing, intact acoustic stapedius reflex and well preserved environmental sound perception. Return of verbal(More)
The present investigation was aimed at studying the efficacy of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in reducing the symptoms of stuttering and dysfunctional cognitions and in enhancing assertiveness and quality of life in clients with stuttering. Five clients with stuttering who met the inclusion criteria (male clients with diagnosis of stuttering) and(More)
Gradient and MS Complex on sub-domains. Gradient pairs are computed within a sub-domain using Algorithm 1 and Algorithm 2 from section 4. The cell complex of the sub-domain is extended to include the set of cells that are incident on the shared boundary of sub-domains but gradient pairs are computed only on the initial sub-domain cell complex (see Figure(More)
Topological methods have been successfully used to identify features in scalar fields and to measure their importance. In this paper, we define a notion of topological saliency that captures the relative importance of a topological feature with respect to other features in its local neighborhood. Features are identified by extreme points of an input scalar(More)
The Morse-Smale complex is a topological structure that captures the behavior of the gradient of a scalar function on a manifold. This paper discusses scalable techniques to compute the Morse-Smale complex of scalar functions defined on large three-dimensional structured grids. Computing the Morse-Smale complex of three-dimensional domains is challenging as(More)
A case of crossed aphasia in a monolingual dextral with detailed clinical, neuropsychological and language assessment is described. The presence of Gerstmann-syndrome suggested cross-over of even dominant parietal lobe functions. Lateralization and localization of various language functions in relation to crossed aphasia are discussed.
The large-scale structure of the universe is comprised of virialized blob-like clusters, linear filaments, sheet-like walls and huge near empty three-dimensional voids. Characterizing the large scale universe is essential to our understanding of the formation and evolution of galaxies. The density range of clusters, walls and voids are relatively well(More)