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A growing need for methods to analyze and prepare monodisperse nanoparticles on an industrial scale exists and may be solved by the application of split flow thin fractionation (SPLITT) at the microscale. Microfluidic systems of this type have the ability to separate nanoparticles with high precision in a continuous manner. A miniaturized SPLITT system can(More)
understand how such hybrid systems can best be constructed and applied. (c) What can we learn from human cognitive models? The topic of mental imagery has lofig been studied in areas such as psychology, philosophy, and linguistics. Researchers in A1 have much to learn from the understanding of how the human information processing system reasons with image(More)
Constructionist theories hold that learning will be deeper if students develop and share their own diverse understandings of a concept. College students are immersed in a community with its social norms, learning practices and an understanding of authority and the classroom contract. This situation makes it difficult for the students to have diverse(More)
Hum,ms are capable of giving plausible answers to questions about spatial interactions among objects when provided with a diagrammatic depiction of their spatial configurations and motions. Consider the problem posed in figure 1; try to imagine how you will proceed to solve it. Given this particular type of diagrammatic reasoning, it is instructive to(More)
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