Nithin George

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—Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are very versatile devices, but their complicated programming model has stymied their widespread usage. While modern High-Level Synthesis (HLS) tools provide better programming models, the interface they offer is still too low-level. In order to produce good quality hardware designs with these tools, the users are(More)
—Tools to design hardware at a high level of abstraction promise software-like productivity for hardware designs. Among them, tools like Spiral, HDL Coder, Optimus and MMAlpha target specific application domains and produce highly efficient implementations from high-level input specifications in a Domain Specific Language (DSL). But, developing similar(More)
In floating-point datapaths synthesized on FPGAs, the shifters that perform mantissa alignment and normalization consume a disproportionate number of LUTs. Shifters are implemented using several rows of small multiplexers; unfortunately, multiplexer-based logic structures map poorly onto LUTs. FPGAs, meanwhile, contain a large number of multiplexers in the(More)
We study a class of circuit switched wavelength routing networks with xed or alternate routing, with or without converts, and with various wavelength allocation policies. We rst construct an exact Markov process and an approximate Markov process which has a closed-form solution for a single path. We also develop an iterative decomposition algorithm to(More)
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