Nitha Rachel Suresh

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Introduction of cloud computing into aircraft data networks will help in increasing the opportunity of providing services such as VoIP (Voice Over IP) and VoD (Video On Demand) for passengers. Also cloud computing concept in the aircraft data networks will help to reduce the overall power consumption and maintenance costs. This paper explores the security(More)
Immunotherapy with a vaccine consisting of autoclaved Mycobacterium w was given in addition to chemotherapy in 54 multibacillary, lepromin negative patients belonging to BB, BL and LL types of leprosy. Thirty-seven patients with similar types of diseases received chemotherapy and placebo injections. The 'vaccine' was repeated every 3 months. Bacterial(More)
Mycobacterium w, an atypical cultivable mycobacterium, is undergoing phase III clinical trials as a vaccine against leprosy in India. It has brought about lepromin conversion and histopathological upgradation in a significant number of patients studied so far. It is important to identify antigens of M. w that trigger T-cell responses in leprosy patients(More)
Leprosy patients undergoing phase II trials in two hospitals of New Delhi, India, were HLA typed to see the association of HLA with differential responsiveness toMycobacterium w vaccine. The vaccine comprises an atypical, nonpathogenic mycobacterium,Mycobacterium w, which has cross-reactive antigens withM. leprae. Multibacillary patients who are lepromin(More)
Data security in a highly confidential large network is of paramount importance. Confidential data networks belonging to secret agencies and government organizations are common targets for data exfiltration. This has become a growing concern in such networks. Present day intrusion detection and prevention systems and firewalls cannot possibly prevent an(More)
Immunotherapy with Mycobacterium w was given, in addition to standard multidrug therapy (MDT) to a lepromatous leprosy (LL) patient with a bacteriological index (BI) of 6. After 15 months of treatment this patient attained bacteriological negativity and clinical inactivity. Histopathologically the patient upgraded to borderline-tuberculoid at 12 months, and(More)
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