Nitesh Pratap

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BACKGROUND/AIMS High-resolution manometry (HRM) with pressure topography is used to subtype achalasia cardia, which has therapeutic implications. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical characteristics, manometric variables and treatment outcomes among the achalasia subtypes based on the HRM findings. METHODS The patients who underwent HRM at(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The development-processes by regional socio-cultural adaptation of an Enhanced Asian Rome III questionnaire (EAR3Q), a cultural adaptation of the Rome III diagnostic questionnaire (R3DQ), and its translation-validation in Asian languages are presented. As English is not the first language for most Asians, translation-validation of EAR3Q is(More)
Chronic constipation (CC) may impact on quality of life. There is substantial patient dissatisfaction; possible reasons are failure to recognize underlying constipation, inappropriate dietary advice and inadequate treatment. The aim of these practical guidelines intended for primary care physicians, and which are based on Asian perspectives, is to provide(More)
TO THE EDITOR: We would like to appreciate the interest shown in our article by Dr. Joo. Our response to his queries is as follows: (1) The risk factors for prediction of recurrence after endo-scopic pneumatic dilatation are young age, male sex, shorter duration of symptoms, low pre-treatment lower esophageal sphincter (LES) pressure and post therapy LES(More)
Image denoising methods are used to remove the noise components without affecting the important image features and content. Wavelet transforms represents image energy in compact form and this representation helps to find threshold between noisy feature and important image features. In this work we proposed a contextual information based thresholding method(More)
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