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In this paper, we carry out the performance evaluation of satellite image resampling software, which follows service-oriented architecture and the service executes on a distributed operating system. The parameters, which are used for performance evaluation, include load balancing under multiple instance execution, overheads of process migration, effect of(More)
In this paper we have studied and carried out performance evaluation of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking in context of satellite image processing. The application scenarios identified are sharing of satellite image data, P2P enabled nowcasting and forecasting and sharing of distributed computing resources using P2P. JXTA is used to setup a P2P based network(More)
Remote sensing satellites use onboard compression techniques to overcome the limited bandwidth and increasing data volume requirements of images. On-board compression using Differential Pulse Code Modulation (DPCM) is implemented for Resourcesat-2, LISS-3 and LISS-4 sensors. Implemented DPCM is a lossy compression and hence renders artifacts, when images(More)
This work aims to generate ready to use image products in real-time by acquiring the data directly from weather satellites. As part of pre-processing, detection and correction of defects in the image data also needs to be carried out in real-time. To facilitate this, an Expert System has been devised. In order to construct images in real time, innovative(More)
Seamless mosaic generation is a challenging issue in the field of image processing. Multi date and multi time images vary in terms of radiometry as well as geometry of viewing, this makes the task at hand more intricate. These variations are taken care of with the help of radiometrie normalization and geo-correction. In this paper an approach is proposed(More)
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