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The association between perceptions of parental-bonding style during childhood and moral affect of shame at young adulthood were examined with 264 women and 140 men (mean age [+/- SD] = 20.4 +/- 1.6 years old). Shame affect was significantly positively related to fear of negative evaluation by others and social avoidance, and negatively related to recalled(More)
College students (174 females, 91 males) completed measures of shame, guilt, expectations for future success, and styles of anger expression. Significant gender differences were found in proneness for both shame and guilt, with young women exhibiting a greater propensity for shame and guilt than young men. For both females and males, however,(More)
Keywords: Adolescence Clinical psychology Emotions Emotional disorders/pathology Guilt Health and well-being Mood/affect Rumination a b s t r a c t Researchers examining guilt using the Test of Self-Conscious Affect (TOSCA) have suggested that guilt is an adaptive emotion that drives people to take reparative actions such as confessing or apologizing for(More)
The present study investigated the distinct affective experiences of shame and guilt and their relationship to self-blame (characterological vs. behavioral), blame of others, self-derogation, and fear of intimacy. As predicted, shame-proneness was associated with fear of intimacy, suggesting that shame may be an important component in intimacy fears.(More)
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