Nissrine A. Nakib

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of the early use of the vacuum erection device (VED) on erectile dysfunction (ED) and penile shortening after radical retropubic prostatectomy (RP), as these are important concerns for men choosing among treatment alternatives for localized prostate cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-eight men undergoing RP were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Heads-Up Imaging goggles provide ergonomic advantages to the endourologist. This study was designed to evaluate whether heads-up display impacts task performance for ureteroscopic stone retrieval. MATERIALS AND METHODS The ability to capture a 5-mm calculus with a Cook N-Circle 2.2F stone basket from an inanimate caliceal model was(More)
Dynamic behaviors of the single-incision sling (SIS) to correct urethral hypermobility are investigated via dynamic biomechanical analysis using a computational model of the female pelvis, developed from a female subject's high-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) images. The urethral hypermobility is simulated by weakening the levator ani muscle in the(More)
This study aimed to assess the role of individual anatomical structures and their combinations to urethral support function. A realistic pelvic model was developed from an asymptomatic female patient’s magnetic resonance (MR) images for dynamic biomechanical analysis using the finite element method. Validation was performed by comparing simulation results(More)
criterion for inclusion in the study. Only patients in whom unilateral or bilateral nerves were spared were subsequently randomized. Patients in group 1 followed a daily rehabilitation protocol consisting of 10 min/ day using the VED with no constriction ring, for 5 months. Patients were evaluated with the IIEF-5 questionnaire and measurements of penile(More)
BACKGROUND Stress urinary incontinence is a significant problem in young female athletes, but the pathophysiology remains unclear because of the limited knowledge of the pelvic floor support function and limited capability of currently available assessment tools. The aim of our study is to develop an advanced computer modeling tool to better understand the(More)
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