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After a rapid survey on the domain decomposition methods, and, more particularly on their application to problems relative to radiation and scattering of time-harmonic waves, we describe some contributions of the authors in this context. Successively are presented a subtructuring procedure to deal with the scattering of an electromagnetic wave by a large(More)
This paper presents a non-asymptotic upper bound for the estimation error of the constrained lasso, under the high-dimensional (n ≪ p) setting. In contrast to existing results, the error bound in this paper is sharp, is valid when the parameter to be estimated is not exactly sparse (e.g., when it is weakly sparse), and shows explicitly the effect of(More)
The initial problem we want to solve is the radiation of an antenna located on a large metallic structure. The proposed approach is based on a domain decomposition method (DDM) with a new adaptive absorbing boundary condition (AABC). In this paper, we have proposed a new DDM approach coupling finite element method (FEM) and boundary integral equation (BIE).(More)
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