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Smart Collection of Real-Time Vehicular Mobility Traces
In this paper, we propose a new procedure aimed at collecting traces while deployment phase failures are avoided, which improves the reliability of data. Expand
Experimental Synthesis of Routing Protocols and Synthetic Mobility Modeling for MANET
We propose an intensive performance analysis of some synthetic mobility model under a mobile ad hoc network under three synthetic mobility models. Expand
Deep Validation of Spatial Temporal Features of Synthetic Mobility Models
This paper analyzes the most relevant spatial-temporal stochastic properties of benchmark synthetic mobility models, such as the speed decay problem, the density wave phenomenon, the spatial node distribution, and the average neighbor percentage. Expand
Buildings Energy Efficiency Analysis and Classification Using Various Machine Learning Technique Classifiers
Energy efficiency is a major concern to achieve sustainability in modern society. Expand
Performance Analysis of Synthetic Mobility Models and Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
Routing protocols heavily influenced by the node motion applied. Many performance analyses are already done with a lot of flaws. But, they do not look to all influenced constraints. Sometimes, theyExpand
Flexible synthetic mobility modeling to discover trajectories for complex areas of mobile wireless networks
A new hybrid synthetic entity mobility model is proposed, called the Maze mobility model (MzMM). Expand
Flaws Validation of Maze Mobility Model using Spatial-temporal Synthetic Mobility Metrics
This paper evaluates relevant spatial-temporal stochastic properties of the most frequently used synthetic mobility models compared to a new efficient mobility model named Maze Mobility Model (Maze MM). Expand